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  • WHAT is RBOJ ?

    Ray's Bottle of Joe is a contemporary-style iced coffee concentrate that's brewed fresh daily and bottled at Ray's Lab. Each bottle of our cold brew coffee concentrate simply contains freshly roasted coffee and water, nothing more nothing less. The coffee is steeped overnight before going through two-step filtration resulting in a silky smooth coffee concentrate packed with flavors. Mix with half parts water or equal parts milk. Serve with ice and enjoy!

  • WHO are we ?

    We're a bunch of coffee brewing storytellers from Indonesia with a desire to share the story of Indonesia through coffee.

  • WHY're we doing this ?

    We want to promote Indonesian coffee to anyone and everyone around the globe, to have them taste the true flavors of the various coffees grown in various regions throughout Indonesia through cold brew coffee. It's simple, delicious, and easy on the stomach.

  • Our Products

    Special Blend

    Cold Brew Concentrate
    IDR 129,000.-


    Cold Brew Concentrate
    IDR 129,000.-


    Cold Brew Concentrate
    IDR 129,000.-

    Banana Chia Seeds Latte

    IDR 65,000.-


    IDR 65,000.-

    Matcha White Chocolate Latte

    IDR 65,000.-

    and many more...

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    Komunal 88


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